Sky Enterprises provides project and portfolio management of the real estate assets owned by the primary shareholder of the business.  The management of the assets is a vertically integrated real estate management company that performs the following services:

• Identifying opportunities within the    guidelines of:

– Location (PRIME)

– ROE (post rehabilitation)


– Due Diligence

– Rezoning

– Construction Management

•Post Development/Redevelopment

– Leasing

– Property Management 

The property holdings are concentrated within prime markets, with a portfolio comprised of an even mix of multi-family, residential and commercial properties in prime locations. With tight investment grouping comes true market expertise. Our area of responsibility is small enough to know what is happening before it happens so our team can be proactive instead of reactive with regards to opportunity.

Sky looks for properties in great neighborhoods with challenges that would deter the average investor. Our competitive advantage is our ability to uncover the market value of distressed real estate by understanding the cost to remedy properties with liens, wetland mitigation, asbestos abatement, rezoning challenges, and the like. In a market which attracts investors from all over the world, the properties with “hair” have the highest yield potential.  Sky’s team possesses the expertise to evaluate the journey of returning distressed and challenged properties to their highest and best use, conforming the asset to its PRIME surroundings. This process creates value by capitalizing on the beach market’s high rate of appreciation, along with receiving substantial dividends from rental income. 

Current area of focus:

USA – Neptune, Atlantic, Jacksonville and            Ponte Vedra Beaches, Florida

Future areas identified as high potential for diversification: 

England –

USA – Austin, TX | Charlotte, NC |

          Savannah, GA | Dallas, TX |

            Charleston, SC