Sky Enterprises provides project evaluation and customized solutions tailored to your project requirements.   We employ a hands-on, pro-active methodology to improve project performance, thereby ensuring existing and new projects achieve success.

Integrated Logistics Support

U.S.-based procurement, purchasing, and U.S. export services for operational consumables and end-item equipment from request to international delivery.  Sky can either provide a fully-functional and scalable structure or can work with or integrate your existing logistics resources into an efficient and effective logistics process.

International In-Country Supply Chain Support & Processes

Often the most challenging part of delivering equipment and supplies to the work site is getting that equipment and supplies from the port to the work site.  Sky can assist with in-country supply chain process development, including reporting and feedback management. This enables your in-country team to effectively integrate local and international vendors into a team that delivers the necessary equipment and supplies to your work site.  This reduces or eliminates costly production delays.

Maintenance Systems

Scalable Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) development, implementation, user training and system administration for any type of maintainable asset. Sky can recommend a system that meets your needs, or our experienced experts can work with your existing system to improve its viability and performance.

One of the challenges in setting up a CMMS system is knowing what maintenance procedures to include in the system and how to track and manage those procedures.  Sky’s team can assist in developing your maintenance procedures, ensuring that you get the most out of your CMMS system.

On and Offshore Drilling Rig Upgrade & Build Services

Rig upgrade project development and management, including project-related purchasing of services, parts, and equipment. Do you have a drilling rig that needs an upgrade to meet current contractual or industry standards?  Sky Enterprises will provide a project team and leadership to help you to achieve project success.

Management Consulting

Management consulting is the practice of helping organizations to improve their performance, operating primarily through the analysis of existing organizational problems and the development of plans for improvement that can improve net operating profits.  Through our hands-on, “roll up our sleeves” method of consulting, Sky Enterprises will work closely with your team to develop and implement improvement plans that will improve your net profitability.



Staffing support for drilling crews, to include highly skilled “right fit” screening, certification management, travel and visa coordination, and payroll services.

At Sky, we understand the value of highly trained, experienced and reliable expatriate team members to the success of overseas projects.  We also understand the disruption caused by crew turnover and work hard to minimize it.  Sky Enterprises can provide qualified expatriate crew members of all ranks in the drilling industry, but we focus on:

Rig Superintendents, Senior Toolpushers (Rig Managers), Toolpushers, Night Pushers, Drillers, Maintenance Supervisors, Chief Mechanics, Rig Mechanics, Chief Electricians, Rig Electricians, and Operations Managers.

Mobile Temporary Power

Finding adequate electrical power in an austere environment makes many projects difficult at best and impossible at worst.  Sky offers scalable (5-500MW) mobile power equipment solutions to your site, virtually anywhere in the world. Provisions for temporary or semi-permanent rental are available and can include a variety of support options to suit your project’s needs.



Under appropriate circumstances, Sky may offer financing terms for the above-described services upon request and subject to meeting risk criteria and financing approval