Sky Enterprises is a single shareholder limited liability company domiciled in Delaware, USA.

At our core, we are an investment company and measure everything we do from an investor standpoint including but not limited to measuring the value we create relative to the value we capture; the returns on shareholders’ equity.

We consider and evaluate new investment opportunities that are channeled to us from our business relationships, customers, and representatives around the globe.

Investing and international trade are our primary income producers and are driven by our Team’s combined experience in lending, banking, trade and Treasury markets spanning more than a decade for each member individually.  This experience gives our organization the expertise to create out of the box solutions for our Trade customers that create value, and positive returns on our investments.

Our growth into areas outside investing and trade have largely been the result of opportunities provided by those activities. It is organic and supporting to the main effort.

Our growth has been driven by our demand for quality, and our high standard of exceptional client relations and service. We imagine, develop and execute on our out-of-the-box investment strategies and trading solutions built around our capital and our Clients’ needs.

Sky Enterprises has changed since the business was founded in 2007 from a single real estate transaction.  In reflection,  now more than ever, change is more of a reality than an exception.  Keeping an open mind and jumping on opportunity when it comes around has been the foundation on which the business has been built.  Patience is a virtue when it comes to investing and sets the winners apart from those who are less successful. 

Today our business is a medium size enterprise and well know participant in the market place.  As we execute on our growth strategy, we expect to continue our growth trajectory. 

We are now in the institutionalization phase of our business.  This is a hard transition from key man to board structure.  Efficiency can be lost in such a transition and we aim to succeed in keeping it straight forward. 

The business today has a 25 year plan.  Plans are just that, goals and dreams based on what we know today.  The reality we will endure on the journey will look different and our plans will adjust based on the realities of how the world changes.  We hope to participate in the positive changes that take place and the value creation opportunities that presents. 

Retained earnings of the company are reinvested every year into growing the footprint & market reach of our organization.

We look forward to the opportunities of the future as we strive to continue building a sustainable, efficient and relevant business that creates value. Thank-you for your consideration of Sky Enterprises and should we have the privilege of serving you, we aim to meet your expectations. We shall definitely deliver on everything we promise. 

Our Core Values.

  • RELATIONSHIPS are the key to unlocking doors
  • INTEGRITY is who we are when nobody is looking
  • COLLABORATION brings the best out of each other
  • HUMILITY recognizes the value in others
  • CREATIVE in everything we do
  • TRANSPARENCY creates trust

Contact Us

2300 Marshpoint Rd Suite 301

Neptune Beach FL, 32266 USA