Financing Support for Manufacturing & Resellers

Sky Enterprises’ supply chain management and financing program is designed for medium-sized manufacturers and resellers.

Materials and components required for the manufacturing and production of products often require imported products and deferred financing terms to cover shipment and production to the point of final product sales.  Sky works with factories and resellers to supply and finance: goods, components, and materials for manufacturing and production.  Terms vary depending on the underlying business sector, the individual corporation, available collateral, and the financial performance of the corporation.

Risk Participation

Sky Enterprises risk participation program is designed for investment groups, banks, and other financial institutions.

We provide hedging solutions for counterparties with risk portfolio constraints by participating in portfolio exposure, which enables increased portfolio coverage or existing portfolio exposure reduction.

Our aim is to minimize risk with diversification and a conservative selection of reliable portfolios with a strong and measurable performance history.

Underwriting requirements are stringent and must fall within our risk guidelines and comply with KYC and AML requirements.


Sky Enterprises is a single shareholder limited liability company domiciled in Delaware, USA. Retained earnings of the company are reinvested every year into growing the footprint & market reach of our organization.

At our core, we are an investment company and measure everything we do from an investor standpoint.

We consider and evaluate new investment opportunities that are channeled to us from our business partners, customers, and representatives around the globe on an active and on-going basis.

Asset-based Investments

The Sky Enterprises staff are investment oriented.

In our regular course of business, we own and trade assets in North American and European countries, as well as in South Africa and Nigeria. We are active in searching out attractively priced assets in which to invest and trade.

We have concluded transactions in the following areas:

  • Real estate
  • Equipment
  • Aircraft
  • Power Generation & Turbines
  • Crude Oil
  • Construction Materials

We welcome the referral of any investment opportunity for consideration.

Marine Equity Financing

Sky Enterprises Marine Equity financing is designed for oil and gas service companies and operators.

With our experience in marine asset operations, we participate in the financing of assets for oil and gas projects.

Sky Enterprises employs various structured-supply finance and equity dry lease options. General requirements include an investment-grade off-take contract from an investment grade, a major international oil company.

Sky Enterprises also offers marine asset financing for equity participation, subject to meeting our qualification criteria.

We provide cover for many oil and gas assets including drilling rigs, barges, ships and vessel and are open to exploring new opportunities in this space.

Sky Supply Chain & Operations Support Services

Logistics Support

Procurement, purchasing and US export supply for operational and equipment consumables from request to in-country delivery.

Maintenance Systems

Scalable Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) development, implementation, user training and system administration for any type of maintainable asset.


Staffing support for crews, to include “right fit” screening, certification management and travel and visa coordination, and payroll services.

Mobile Temp Power

Scalable mobile temporary power equipment rental with a variety of support options to suit your project’s needs.

Rig Upgrade & Build Services

Rig Upgrade development and project management, to include project-related purchasing of services, parts, and equipment.

Procurement Consumables Supply Chain

In-country supply chain process development, including reporting and feedback management.